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Coffee, boy! Coffee, boy!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


SiW auf Newgrounds!?
Jetzt ist die Seite endlich vollständig.
Schade nur dass das englischsprachige Publikum nie verstehen wird, was es da grade gesehen hat und welche 3P1CN3S55 ihm dabei entgangen ist, ha!
Ich bin seit langer Zeit überzeugter SiW Diehard, aber nicht-Deutschsprachigen den Humor nahezulegen hat nie funktioniert, klarer Fall von unüberbrückbaren kulturellen Differenzen.
Es ist wohl eher sowas wie ein Insider für SiWheads.
Schade drum, denn die Animationen sind super, auch wenn man sieht dass es in einem Speeddrawing Stil entstanden ist, oder grade deshalb.
Untertitel wären eventuell hilfreich gewesen, damit zumindest klar wird worum es geht, normalerweise macht sich kaum einer die Mühe die author's comments zu lesen.
Ach, und ich hab das "Junge" immer mit "Dude" übersetzt, aber das nur am Rande.
So, 10 Sterne und ein Klick auf den FIVE button weil du Jean Luc und seinen Kaffee nach Newgrounds gebracht hast.
Und jetzt t'schickt es aber langsam, Junge, echt.

Hildebrandt responds:

OMFG, dein Review treibt mir die Tränen in die Augen!
Ich bin ein Verehrer des notorisch aggressiven Jean Luc P. und ebenfalls eingefleischter SiW- Fan... Junge, Scheiße, die Resonanz ist hier so schlecht dass ich jedem hier ein Mopped ins Kreuz werfen könnte!
Das hätte ich mir zwar vorher denken können, aber es ist schon als Erfolg verbucht, dass EIN deutschsprachiger kulturbewusster Mensch meinen Cartoon gesehen hat! DANKE!
(Oh, ja, und dude wäre besser gewesen... aber watt solls... isch mach ma Kaffee... schwarz und lecker...)

The Lizard Vortex The Lizard Vortex

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Thank you for that fast paced humour, you sick demented fiend.

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Patrick Patrick

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Snakes are moar fun when yer drunk

I puked a little when speakonia said Ireland :O
But it's cool cause it was from having fun, so

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biblo responds:

Speakonia didn't say Ireland

Ye Scurvy Dawgs Ye Scurvy Dawgs

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


You used the Muppet Treasure Island soundtrack!?
Oh well.
I like it too.
... was I annoyingly inquisitive?
Aah, don't mention it.
Actually, I was waiting for someone to use it, so I could mention this certain someone did use it and I could state this totally unimportant fact.
Well, you put pirates in.
I like pirates too.
Come to think of it, pretty good choice of music for the pirate theme.
I mean, since the flash got pirates in it, heh, heh.
Oh well.

The Lady In White The Lady In White

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Struck me off guard...

Many try to transmit emotional content via flash movies and for me, most yet failed.
Seeing that you managed to get that point right not only surprised me, I'd say it even made me happy. So, thank you for that.
It was the "same old story" over again, with your personal note.
And I always liked that story, since, I think, most can relate (heartfelt cheers for the drinking scene).
On the art side, feels like frontpage.
Smooth animation, often frame by frame, your effort is clearly visible.
A compliment on your style, a take on abstract is not easy.
Ten stars, what more to say?
Ausserdem hat mich das hier grade in der passenden Stimmung erwischt :)
Um auf andere Gedanken zu kommen sind Flashfilme oft ne gute Wahl und dann kommst du mit sowas.
Ich versuch's noch ein Weilchen mit Madness, Blockhead und den Retard Animal Babies, wenn's nichts wird halt ich mich an den Schluss zu dem schon unser Held gekommen ist. *same old story*

Hildebrandt responds:

/official part: thankyou. / deutscher Anteil: Wau, geil, der erste Deutsche... :D freu mich dass es dir gefallen hat, es war ein Arsch voll Arbeit- und wenn es dann doch Emotionen transportiert hat is ja alles in Butter. Danke dir! (Bin Schon auf der Frontseite... wenn dashier auch draufkommt geb ich einen aus ;D)

Once at the Lesson Once at the Lesson

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Aah, memories!

Yes, I guess we all did these things during our oh so very important classes.
I kept mine and still smile everytime I stumble upon them.
This brought back some good emotions.
I hope you keep on with your style, among stick like thingies it's unique.

trul responds:

I think I will continue with stickfigures, but will try some other styles too

High All Day High All Day

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wow, making this must have consumed a lot of time.
Summing up on animation, length of the whole thing and the fact that the song is made by yourself makes me wonder why this has such a low score (2.74 right now).
It's underrated and deserves better. Fived.

blacklung5 responds:

wow! thanks! Well... i dont have an icon so thats pretty much the reason for the score :( but much thanks for a awsome review!!!! XD

This is your iPhone This is your iPhone

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Needs no words.

If I could right now, I'd buy you a drink.

DOTS! 19 (Long Night) DOTS! 19 (Long Night)

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


... I really don't think you went the right path about your resubmission.
It had been on the first page of the Christmas Collection and thus had a good chance of winning something.
More importantly it was my favorite Xmas submission so far.
To see it drop out like that somehow disappoints me, I was looking forward to see it's ranking in Tom's post when the contest would be over.
For that reason, five stars for a ten stars film.
The downvoters are always there, they are part of NG I guess.
Every artist who accomplishes something here (gets in any ranking) will automatically fall victim to that. So do the downvoters themselves, if they submitted anything, that is. I guess this somehow evens the odds, since every downvoter downvotes every downvoter :) and thus accomplishes nothing at all.
However, none of this should be reason for an artist to second-guess their submission in any way. It is submitted and ends up where the community wants it to end up. It goes like that for everyone here, Adam Phillips, Krinkels or Egoraptor are no exceptions.
Since it is still there, keep your work in the contest.
Resubmitting will not avoid any of these issues. But it will affect you as an artist, since you let your own work's value be dictated by those who don't value it at all.
And it affects those who had their share of joy out of it and thus did value it just right.
What about their reviews and votes which become meaningless that way?
Keep it in the contest.
I plan to submit an Xmas toon as well and I would want it to find its place in the ranking, along with your work and that of any other artist in there as well.

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Shylian responds:

After much thought while watching it within the Christmas Collection, I realized what kind of attitude the people would have and what lengths they would go to in order to compete in whatever manner they saw fit for their own benefit. This Flash is still up for enjoyment, but I would prefer not to expose it through a collection which consists of that sort of nature until I am ready for it.

I agree with you that this may not seem to be the best course of action, but I remain standing by my choice. Thank you very much for your review and feedback, and I am glad you enjoyed my Flash.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I guess...

... if ya weren't a pirate (yay!) we wouldn't have benn blessed with this nice little flash.
Btw, I just downloaded your file for my collection, but again, I guess...
... since we both be pirates, ya couldn't care less!!

Starogre responds:

thanks for the review

does everyone just assume everyone from newgrounds pirates flash? cus i have a legit copy :P