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Monkey disco Monkey disco

Rated 4 / 5 stars

How could you...

Really liked your take on this and you carried it out until 1.10.
But then, what's that at the end? Just didn't work to such an awesome main part, arg.
I know that digging up a buried wife is a nasty thing to pull off.
You totally should return to this. Get the dance feel of the main thing, make it longer and add 1 or 2 variations and you got yourself a hit.
Well, fived anyways.

Where Oak And Skyline Meet Where Oak And Skyline Meet

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That is one wonderful piece of Metal.
I downloaded your stuff a long while ago since NG legally gives that option.
Now I return to tell you of my appreciation.
I love Epic Melodic Black, but there's lots of crap out there.
Your work hit the nerve instantly and that's some very rare occasion.
Same goes for "In Fields of Morning Frost".
I put this on my mp3 player from time to time although I change its content quite often. I somehow won't get rid of it. You folks are doing some quality shit here.
Have you new material coming up?
If so, feel free to PM me, I'd love to check it out!
Cheers, Z3p. \m/

P.S. 2 reviews - Why is this so overlooked?