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Entry #1

this is a test

2008-05-08 10:53:36 by Z3pp0

this is the actual test


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2008-05-08 12:14:48

Das ist toll.

Z3pp0 responds:

It is.


2009-04-01 02:14:20

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testing for what

Z3pp0 responds:

For the what.


2010-08-14 14:04:42

in the ray quest you CAN hit space bar to do next level...

Z3pp0 responds:

I should test that some time.


2010-11-16 09:35:46

About the agony game: Please, extend it. Not the graphics or something like that but the questions and the endings. Or make a new one.
Because... I finished it without a scratch and there just was that tune and the girl with the whip (who isn't even naked).

And: Ich mag keinen Kaffee, erst recht keinen schwarzen.